Nurse Practitioner EOHS

Location: Providence, RI
Company: Care New England
Industry: Healthcare
Job Type: Full Time
Posted: 6 days ago

Primary Function:

In collaboration with CNE Occupational Health Services Senior Leadership, the Nurse Practitioner EOHS is responsible for evaluation of standing orders for employee immunizations and lab work required for employment, and development of treatment plans for occupational exposures.

- Assists in the care and management of employees to include, but not limited to, history and physical, medical evaluation review for respirator fit testing, ongoing assessment and intervention, coordination of care post occupational exposure to blood and body fluid or communicable diseases.

- All essential functions performed in this position reflect the age specific needs of the employee.

- Fosters patient centered care and nursing services with mission, vision, values with consideration of the life span, including all development stages as well as cultural patterns.


Baccalaureate in Nursing and Masters of Science Degree required.

Graduate of accredited Nurse Practitioner program required. Must have and maintains licensure as a Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner in the State of Rhode Island.

Minimum of two years related experience as RN in acute care hospital or ambulatory care setting and five years experience as a nurse practitioner in occupational health, emergency medicine, primary care or preventive medicine preferred.

Must have a desire to develop expertise in occupational and preventive health.

Certification in Basic Cardiac Life Support (BLS) required.

Superb clinical and communication skills and a desire to be part of a dynamic team required.

Demonstrates knowledge and skills necessary to provide care to patients with consideration of aging processes, human development stages and cultural patterns in each step of the care process.

I. Application of Knowledge and Skill

  1. Demonstrates a fundamental grounding in nursing theory and practice with mastery of knowledge within a defined content area.
  2. Review medical evaluation forms for employees required to wear respirator and if necessary perform physical evaluation to determine fitness to wear a respirator.
  3. Reviews abnormal results for antineoplastic screening labs and recommends follow up.
  4. Provides direct care to employees in the Occupational Health setting in accordance with state licensure and federal guidelines.
  5. Demonstrates advanced physical and psychosocial assessment skills.
  6. Provides leadership in the development, validation, implementation, and evaluation of standards, policies, procedures, and critical paths to support the patient care delivery model.
  7. Consults with the infectious disease physician on the status of complicated blood and body fluid exposures that require continued evaluation.
  8. Assists the healthcare team to achieve mutually agreed upon healthcare goals by providing necessary support, education and encouragement.
  9. Performs advanced practice skills and consults with CMO or Infectious Disease physicians as needed.
  10. Provides expert consultation for clinical issues or exposures to communicable diseases and provides prophylaxis prescriptions for exposed employees as needed.
  11. Participates in project management, planning and vaccinating along with health education and advocacy at large scale vaccine clinics for all of our CNE employees.
  12. Focuses on developing preventive strategies to optimize the health of our employees for work related and non-work related concerns.
  13. Participates in the education, clinical research and mentoring of healthcare providers.
  14. Annually completes mandatory training as assigned.
  15. Prescriptive privileges per licensure.

II. Planning, Productivity and Decision Making

  1. Effectively prioritizes own work in order to complete job responsibilities. Displays ability to adjust priorities based upon understanding of policies and procedures.
  1. Completes job responsibilities within required timeframe, according to established schedules or workflow requirements.
  1. Displays an ability to evaluate areas in need of improvement and provides input in order to improve current methods, services, programs or technology.
  1. Reviews and assesses information before making decisions and solving problems.
  1. Uses proper judgment and knowledge of established practices and procedures when addressing problems or issues.

III. Customer Service

  1. Establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers, gaining their trust and respect.
  1. Anticipates customer needs and proactively addresses them.
  1. Understands the customers business and the importance to the organizations mission.
  1. Is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers.
  1. Follows the established procedures and effectively uses tools to provide high level support to customers.

IV. Teamwork

  1. Demonstrates an ability to work well with employees at all levels across Care New England.
  1. Contributes information, ideas and opinions in a group setting.
  1. Volunteers for team assignments or group problem solving
  1. Represents own ideas and solutions while acknowledging and/or accepting ideas and solutions of others.

V. Communications

  1. Written communication is clear, concise and professional as well as appropriate to the recipient.
  1. Verbal communication is clear, professional in tone, non-threatening and appropriate to the recipient.
  1. Identifies which type of communication is appropriate under different circumstances.
  1. Is attentive, actively listens and can accurately relay information.

VI. Personal Development

  1. Maintains professional growth and development.
  1. Participates in taskforces and committees.
  1. Attends seminars, workshops and conferences as appropriate.

VII. Leadership

A. Provides input and assistance in the training and development of employees.

VIII. Department Standards

A. Dependability:

Effectively plans and schedules time off

B. Attendance:

Number of days absent due to unscheduled PTO: _____

Number of days tardy: _____

C. Appearance:

Exhibits acceptable personal neatness and hygiene.

Dresses acceptably

IX. CNE-Wide Standards

Care New England Values

  • Accountability
    • Set clear expectations and provide timely feedback and follow-through
    • Do what you say you're going to do- and be fair about it
    • Take ownership of your responsibilities
  • Caring
    • Acknowledge and respond to the needs and challenges of every person
    • Create an environment that encourages respect and appreciation
    • Offer support, information and hope
  • Teamwork
    • Listen and value each person's voice
    • Ask "how can I help?
    • Support the work of each team and each team member

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